Flip or Flop Ft. Worth Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Textbook Flip Or Flop

In a rare Flip or Flop Ft. Worth occurrence, Ashley and Andy have found a house that isn’t nearly falling down. While I’m disappointed we won’t see anyone nearly throwing up from horrible smells or running from rat feces, I’m excited to see what all they can do with a house that needs much less work than usual.

The house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom ranch in a great neighborhood. It’s listed at $165,000, which is very overpriced for a house that has not been updated in years. Andy and Ashley decide during their walk-through that not a lot will need to be done with the house. The exterior estimate is a record low of $3,000. And the kitchen will only cost about $10,000. That’s low for a kitchen renovation.

As I said before, the house hasn’t been updated in a long time, but it has really good bones. The rooms are are, including an oversized laundry room that opens to a garage equipped with a car. And yes, If they buy the house they get the car. There’s also a nice, large back yard.

They decide the house is worth less than the price so they go in with an offer of $120,000. The relator counters with $130,000 and the accept. They’re initially looking at a $42,000 renovation budget and a 3-week time frame.

And so the flip starts. And this house is so nonproblemattc that the only drama they have to offer us is where to move the washer drain from the laundry room. OK, so it’s a little more serious than it first seemed. Actually, a main sewage pipe needs replaced and it is going to cost them an extra $8,000. But still, this flip is too easy!

Luckily what we lacked in drama during the renovation, we get back at the reveal. Because Ashley has really outdone herself with this house’s finishes and staging. She was inspired by the trees out front of the house and decided to bring some of that feeling inside. A lot of titles and cabinets have woodsy textures and colors.

And then there’s her statement wall. Wallpaper has been making a slow comeback lately and Ashley is doing wonders with it. She chose a pattern that is going in million-dollar homes these days. So this house really became something special.

So from the start of the reveal, we’ve got the new entry and living room with all new floors and new paint. That leads into the family room/dining room/kitchen which is now an open concept. The galley-ish kitchen now looks right into the family room. And the family room is anchored by the redesigned fireplace, and the graphic statement wall tops it all off.

The bedrooms needed little work, but the new paint and staging have turned them into completely different rooms. And the bathrooms went from outdated and rundown to modern and luxurious. They did a great job on this house, so they should be able to get a solid profit out of the house.

In the end, they spent total of $177,000 from the purchase and the updates. They decide to list it at $223,000. Following a busy open house, they let us know that they accepted an offer on the house for $215,000. That’s a lot lower than I expected them to sell the house for, but at least they still made a $27,000 profit. I wonder what they did with that car.

Flip or Flop Ft. Worth Before And After Photos


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