Flip or Flop Atlanta Recap: Tiles Gone Wild

Ken and Anita are back at it for the last Flip or Flop Atlanta episode of the season. Ken right away tells Anita that he found them a house for $160,000 in a part of town that currently has comps going for a little over $300,000.

They head out to check out the house to discover it’s a great, cozy neighborhood. The house, however, is not so great. Why you ask? Well, for starters, it has a tile exterior. Yikes. That really needs to go. And Ken and Anita agree that it’s gotta go.

Upon entering the house, they’re met with an apparent terrible smell and an even more terrible layout.
The layout makes no sense whatsoever. There’s a large foyer that offers no sort of function. It’s really just wasting a lot of space. The dining room is really large, but the kitchen is really small.

The flippers immediately get to work on visualizing the new layout of the house. They figure out a plan that will turn the 2-bedroom 2-bath house into a 3-bedroom 2-bath home.

Ken maps out the budget, which gives them $10,000 for walls, $6,000 for floors, $6,000 for paint and a whopping $15,000 for the kitchen.

As they continue taking their tour of the home, they discover even more tile in one of the bathrooms. The whole room is tiled. There’s tile all over the rooms and tile on the front of the house. It’s tiles gone wild! Now the name of the episode makes sense.

It’s demo time. And that means it’s time to completely gut this house. There’s nothing original remaining in this one. They moved the front door and put in new windows. They’re killing the tile outside and the floors have to come up.

As soon as they get to work on the floors, they discover that they have been rotting for years, so the flooring budget will have to grow. And that’s not the only problem. They’ve also got some serious foundation problems. And the repair on that is going to cost $7,000. That puts them over budget. I think they’ll figure it all out. They always do.

And by Day 28, it’s time for staging and almost time for the open house. But first, they’ve got to figure out what they’re going to list the house for. With the purchase of the house and the renovation costs, they’ve invested $160,000. They decide to list the house at $289,000, which would give them a $57,000 profit.

It’s time for their walk through and the big reveal for us.

The house really looks amazing. The outside was completely redone, and they turned it into a craftsman style to match its craftsman shape. It definitely improved that neighborhood. On the inside, we see the new bedroom is where the useless foyer used to be, so that was a great decision. The new kitchen is very sleek and, though not huge, it is much larger than before. The master suite is a good size, but the star of that suite is the shower tiles in the master bath. Nina popped in some glass tiles that made it literally sparkle.

The open house followed and people loved the house. Comments included “great curb appeal” and guests thought it was priced well for all the work put into it.

In the end, the house sold for over the asking price at $301,500. That means they made a $69,500 profit. Not bad.

What did you think of the house?

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Image source: HGTV


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