Fixer Upper Recap: Season 5 Episode 11 – Big Budget for a Big House

Fixer Upper Recap: Season 5 Episode 11 - Big Budget for a Big House

Last night on Fixer Upper season 5, Joanna and Chip helped a couple who narrowed down their search for a new home down to three. Chip and Joanna were then tasked with the job of renovating this home for a family of five in need of a lot of space. The Morrisons have an $850,000 all-in budget.

The first house the Morrison’s bring Chip and Joanna to is a four bedroom, four bathroom, 5440 square foot house and it’s listed at $650,000. This leaves $200,000 in the budget to renovate this home. The inside of this house is crazy big. The ceilings are really high and there is a huge spiral staircase in the middle of the opening. There is a wet bar in the den that Joanna would convert into a homework area for the kids. When they get upstairs, there is a huge room that would have to be reworked a little because it is currently an antique barber shop theme.

The second house is a four bedroom, three bathroom, 3500 square foot home that is listed for $435,000 which leaves a huge amount of money for renovations. It sits on two acres of land which makes Chip wonder what the inside of this house looks like. When they get inside they find that the house is in decent shape, but needs some updating. The den has a lot wood paneling in it and so does the kitchen. The kitchen is a little closed off, but they can open it up into the den and living room.

The third house is a four bedroom, three and a half bathroom house that is 4400 square feet. It’s listed at $710,000 which doesn’t leave too much money in the budget for renovations. This house needs mostly cosmetic updates until you get to the kitchen. The kitchen is tiny and would have to be expanded which would be a huge chunk of their budget. After talking it over, the Morrisons decide to go with the second house which will give them the most bang for their buck. This is what the house looked like before Chip and Joanna got in to the renovations.

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It is time for Chip’s favorite day, demo day! Meanwhile, Joanna is meeting with the Morrisons to go over the design plan for their new home. Afterwards, Joanna goes to see Chip to mentions some lighting options and then heads over to see Clint to have him make an oversized coffee table for the Morrison project. She tells him she needs a five and a half by three foot coffee table.

One of the things that the Morrisons really wanted were a couple of gas lanterns in the front of their house so now Chip needs to find out where to put the access panels and how to run the gas lines for them. Near the front door there are a couple a little space with what they think are dummy walls. They are hoping for some more room behind these walls to be able to put the access panels in for the lanterns.

This project is really going quickly, they have installed the kitchen cabinets, the tiles for the entry way are going in, the hardwood floors are being installed and the new fireplace for the living room has been put in. Joanna walks in on Chip German schmeering the fireplace and kind of wants the outside of the house done this way. Chip isn’t thrilled about this at all because it’s a lot of work, but he puts up some options for her to look at. He is really hoping that she is going to paint it. Which she does.

The outside landscaping is being done and the outside brick is being painted. The original plans for the den were to sand down the built-ins and stain them had to be scraped, instead they ended up just painting them white. The outside basketball court and tennis court have been resurfaced and now it’s time for Joanna to decorate the inside and get the house ready for reveal day! Clint comes to deliver the coffee table that he made for the den and it looks awesome. It is time for reveal day! Here is what the house looks like now!

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During the reveal we found out that Joanna and Chip also added another bedroom and bathroom to this house during the course of the renovations. What do you think of this renovation? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!


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