Property Brothers Recap: Season 12 Episode 1 – Costly Charm for a Vintage Dreamer

Property Brothers Recap: Season 12 Episode 1 - Costly Charm for a Vintage Dreamer

Last night on Property BrothersJonathan and Drew help an up and coming musician settle down in Nashville after her music career begins to take out. Nicole was going back and forth between Nashville and her hometown, but now thinks she should settle down in Nashville. Her little brother, Matt, comes in to help her with this search. Her budget is $475,000.

They bring her to a house to see that is out of her budget, but gives them an idea of what she is looking for. She wants an open concept with a guest room and bathroom. She wants something that has some vintage flair and a lot of character. Simple enough, right? Let’s see if they can find Nicole her dream home!

The first house they take her to look at is an attached home with 1500 square feet, two bedroom, two bathroom and a big backyard. This house has three closets in the living room and dining room, which is just odd. The layout itself is really odd with the living room and dining room being attached with no real way to separate the two spaces. There is also a den with an office attached to it that actually has a bed in it. They could definitely take down the wall that separates it from the living room and dining room to give it more space. The kitchen is super small, but Jonathan tells her that they can fix all of that. This house is listed at $349,000 and it would take 8 weeks and $110,000 to do the renovations.

The second house they look at has a lot more character. It also has two bedroom, one bathroom but it has a really weird layout. Which can be fixed by taking some walls down. There is a lot of walls that need to be taken down to open it up. The kitchen would need to be reworked because the layout doesn’t make sense. This house also has a huge yard like the first house. This house is priced at $379,000, but Drew thinks they can go in at $375,000 and it would take $100,000 and 8 weeks to renovate it. She decides that she is going to go with this house. Drew tells her that they will get an inspection done and then make an offer based on what the inspection might find. This is what the house looks like before!

Gallery: Before the Property Brothers Renovations

The inspection revealed that there was a lot of structural damage on the house so Drew offered them $350,000 and they accepted the offer. Drew makes sure to mention that the house is old and they need to be prepared for anything inside the walls that might be wrong with the house. She is okay with the risk and is super excited to have a home of her own.

It is demo day at Nicole’s new house and they are taking down some walls, but while taking one of them down, they find that the wall was fixed at some point after termite damage. Drew hopes that they don’t find anything else like this. However, they find more termite old damage and the house isn’t supported correctly. They also have some plumbing issues and the lines all need to be replaced because most of the existing lines are rotted. Before we get into the other bad news, here is what Jonathan had in mind for Nicole’s house.

Gallery: Jonathan’s Designs for the Property Brothers Renovation

There are more issues with this house, the chimneys on the house are in rough shape and it’s going to cost $5600 to fix them, the pipes have been replaced and it’s cost them $3600 to do that. Jonathan shows her the damage from the termites and the supports which cost $15,000 which has eaten up the $25,000 they had taken off the house’s price.

Nicole has some concerns about Jonathan’s design decisions. Instead of taking out the wall and French doors between the living and dining room, she wants to keep it. She is also double thinking the stacked washer and dryer because she is a little on the shorter side and she is worried she won’t be able to reach it. However, Jonathan tells her that she just doesn’t have the square footage for that unless she wants him to take some space from the kitchen. She decides it’s not worth it.

Later she comes back to check on the progress and she is really impressed with it so far. Her master bath has been added in and her water tank has been installed, but now she is mentioning the side by side washer and dryer option again, however, they would have to rework the plumbing and install a tankless water heater, but she can’t do that without some extra money. She asks her dad and he offers to help her out with half of the costs.

Jonathan has called in some backup and asks Drew to come in and help with sanding the doors for them so he doesn’t have to pay his crew to do it. Then Jonathan makes the mistake of bringing Nicole shopping. They find a cool post that they are going to use for legs on her island. Matt is working on a surprise for her, Jonathan put aside an old hutch that was in the pantry for her to refinish when she had time. Matt has decided that he was going to do it for her.

After some finishing touches and decor, it is time to show Nicole her new house! Are you ready to see it? Here it is!

Gallery: After the Property Brothers Renovation

After everything, they only went $3500 over budget and that was to install the tankless water heater and re-do the plumbing for her side by side washer and dryer. What did you think about this episode of Property Brothers? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!


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