Property Brothers Recap: Season 12 Episode 12 – Wishful Building

Property Brothers Recap Season 12 Episode 12 - Wishful Building

Last night on Property Brothers season 12, Drew and Jonathan helped Joanna and Shawn find their dream home after moving four times in nine years. They have been living in rentals trying to build equity so they can afford their dream home. Their max budget is $860,000 and they are looking for a huge wishlist of things.

The first house they look at is a four bedroom, three bathrooms, and 2500 square feet. It has a lot of walls on the first floor which makes it feel a little closed in, but Jonathan tells them that he can open it up and make it the living space of their dreams. One of the things that they want is privacy, but this house is very close to its neighbors. The location is perfect, being close to both their families, but they don’t like the feeling that someone from the area home could be watching them at any time. This house is priced at $745,000, but it’s overpriced and Drew things that $695,000 would be a good target price and the renovations would cost $165,000.

They look at a few other houses and then land at a 2500 square foot house with four bedrooms and four bathrooms and a huge wooded area in the back. The house is so dated, but everything can be fixed in that house. Jonathan gives them all his thoughts on the house and they are really impressed with his vision for this house. This house is listed at $750,000, but Drew thinks that he can get it for $700,000 and Jonathan said the renovation would cost $150,000 which would put them just under their max budget. Shawn is wondering why they are looking for a fixer upper if they can just spend the extra for a house that is already finished. They decide to move in on this house.

They offer $700,000 and they were able to get it for that price! Here is what the house looked like before the renovations!

Gallery: ‘Before’ the Property Brothers Renovations

During the demo, they notice a bulkhead in the kitchen, but after finishing the demo, Jonathan realizes it can be fixed. They will just have to move some plumbing. Joanna comes the next day to ask Jonathan about doing an accent wall and he tells her that they can go shopping for tile for that room. Jaden, their son, would like to have built-in speakers in the family room for their family dance parties and Jonathan said that because the ceilings haven’t gone up yet, they can run the wires for those without a problem. Joanna also wanted to make sure that there was enough storage in the family room, but Jonathan said was a reasonable request.

This family likes to do “wishes” as a way to make decisions. They write down what they want, put it into a bag and then pick one at random. Jonathan thought that they needed a better method so he had them come to the house and decorate “wish boxes” for all their family decisions. They loved this idea and they came out amazing! They can’t wait to be able to use them in their new house.

Joanna has been very hands-on during this whole process, but Jonathan would really like for her to have some surprises in the big reveal. Shawn and Jaden bring in some furniture that Joanna has refinished herself and some vases to incorporate into the house. Shawn notices that Jonathan hasn’t finished the powder room on the first floor, but Jonathan assures Shawn that it will be finished by the big reveal.

Speaking of the big reveal, the project goes off without any big issues. Joanna got the tiles she wanted for the powder room and everything throughout the house has been finished. The decor, including the few things that Shawn and Jaden brought to the house have been staged. It’s time for them to see their brand new house! Here is what the house looked like after the renovations!

Gallery: ‘After’ the Property Brothers Renovation

The renovation came in at $157,000 after needing to move the plumbing and HVAC so they could get rid of the big bulkhead in the kitchen and they bought the house for $750,000 which put them just under their max budget. What did you think of this episode of Property Brothers? Let me know what you think of this transformation in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!


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