Jennifer Lopez Calls On Joanna Gaines To Help Remodel Her Home

Just like all of us, it looks like Jennifer Lopez is obsessed with Fixer Upper! The obsession is so high that Lopez’s boyfriend Alex Rodriguez has enlisted the help of Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines to help them remodel their Malibu home!

It looks like things are getting down to business also, as Jennifer and Joanna were spotted in Malibu together over the weekend, so the renovations must have started! A source told Entertainment Tonight, “Joanna is going to help Jennifer remodel her home. Jennifer wanted to walk the space with Joanna in person, so they did so on Friday. They’re both extremely busy, but it’s hard to do something like that without seeing the space.”

They are definitely in the beginning stages of working together though, so don’t expect a new show to debut on HGTV or the Gaines’ new network any time soon! The source said, “It was really just an opportunity for them to walk the space together and for Joanna to hear Jennifer’s vision for the space. There truly is no formal plan for any of the footage, but could possibly end up on the Gaines’ new network.”

Lopez appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month and revealed that her and her boyfriend purchased a home in Malibu. She also revealed her obsession with Fixer Upper! Lopez said, “We actually got a little fixer upper next to the water and we were like, ‘Oh we gotta fix this up.’ It’s really a house that needs work. I was like, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to have her do it for us?’ But she doesn’t do anything outside of Waco. Like, nothing.”

Apparently she does do stuff outside of Waco, huh? When it comes to Lopez and Rodriguez, who would turn down that offer? Check out Lopez talk about her Fixer Upper obsession here:

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