House Hunters Recap: Waltzing into a New Home

House Hunters Recap: Waltzing into a New Home

New Jersey couple Christina and Leo are professional ballroom dancers. They’re hoping to use their House Hunters experience to find a home closer to their dance studio. The couple want a place in the Somerset or Bound Brook area of Somerset County.

Christina and Leo hope to use their $370,000 budget to get a home that provides them with a stable place to relax after being on the road. It would become their haven after a long period of competitions and traveling.

Wish Lists

They’re pretty much simpatico on their wish list items. They both want a move-in ready space, three bedrooms, a place to display trophies, and a large backyard.

Hers: Christina prefers the cape cod homes for their historical character. She wants plenty of closet space, and an updated bathroom. A wood burning fireplace rounds out Christina’s wish list.

His: Leo considers stairs his enemy, so he doesn’t want them at all. He loves the feel and look of hardwood floor. Finally, he wants a modern kitchen.

House #1, $315,000

House Hunters Recap: Waltzing into a New Home-1

This colonial style home is located in the Bound Brook area, and is a few minutes away from their dance studio. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Christina loves it because of the historical character, but Leo wants something more modern.

Inside, the unit checks off a bunch of both of their wish lists items. It has a fireplace, space for their displays, large closets, and an updated bathroom. The major issue for Leo is the stair and the older kitchen.

House #2, $349,900

House Hunters Recap: Waltzing into a New Home-2

This modern style home falls within the Somerset area, also only five minutes away from their studio. It’s been newly renovated. The place also has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, with hardwood flooring.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are a lot smaller than either of them would want. The closet space is kind of sparse as well. However, the kitchen is just what Leo wants: new, open, big, and has stainless steel machines.

House #3, $370,000

House Hunters Recap: Waltzing into a New Home-3

This cape code space has four bedrooms. It also has stairs, but with a big open kitchen. It has a fireplace, formal dining room, and a large backyard with a pool.

They’re not fans of the pool or the condition of the bathrooms. Their biggest issue with this home is all the carpet.

Decision Time: House #1 was very lovely but Leo was not a fan. House #3 seemed too expensive for them, but they both seemed to like the design a lot. House #2 was not what Christina wanted.

House Hunters Recap: Waltzing into a New Home-4

After some discussion, they settled on…House #3.

They got it for the $370,000 asking price. Before moving into the place, they removed all the carpet. Their next big project is improving the bathroom.


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