House Hunters Recap: Tiny Renovation in Fort Wayne

Kati is a high school Assistant Principal. She lives close to where she grew up, so everyone from her former schools still kind of knows her. One of Kati’s prominent traits is her love of tiny houses. She used to live in one but decided to move closer to her work in Fort Wayne, IN. After a year of living in a 1,600 sq. ft. home, she decided she missed tiny living.

Kati sold her home and now moved back in with her parents as she searches for a new tiny home. She has a $50,000 budget for her new tiny house.

Wish Lists

Kati wants a 600 sq. ft. home or smaller. She prefers cottage style tiny homes with wood everywhere, flooring and siding. She doesn’t like carpet, so Kati’s tiny home cannot have any. She wants a sleeping loft, a yard for her dog, and a small bathroom. She wants a large living space.

House #1, $39,900

This is the home that needs the least work, but cost the most. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and 624 sq. ft. The price leaves her a little over $10,000 for renovations. This home has vinyl siding, which Kati doesn’t like. It has lots of space and original wood flooring. The kitchen is very large, but it needs renovating, especially the ugly wallpaper.

The yard in this home provides plenty of space for her dog Zoe. The bathroom needs work too with a crack in the toilet, but it’s a livable place. The bedroom is very spacious for a tiny home. This entire home is way better than expected.

House #2, $10,000

Yes, you read that right. This home is only costing Kati $10,000 to purchase. Once she, her friend Missy, and realtor Charity step inside this home, you completely understand the cost. The whole home has so much mold. It’s wet and smelly all over. It’s also very tiny at only 396 sq. ft. However, it’s so under budget that Kati has a lot of room to create the tiny home of her dream. The place needs a total gut job, so it would probably cost her more than the remaining $40,000 to fix up.

House #3, $27,000

This home only has one bedroom and one bathroom. It has over 626 sq. ft. The place has a nice front yard and wood everywhere. A cool extra feature of this home is the laundry room. Kati just doesn’t like how it’s in the center of the home. This would make it awkward if Kati has guests and is doing laundry.
The entire home is on a slope and the ceilings are coming down.

Decision Time: This is one of the House Hunters where the choice seemed obvious. You go with the $10,000 home, especially when your budget is so much larger. It was clear that Kati could really turn it into her dream home.

Kati picks House #2

She paid the $10,000 but invested $45,000 in creating her dream home. Kati spent $55,000 in total. The final results were beautiful. Thankfully, House Hunters actually showed us the final results, instead of leaving us to wonder, like most episodes where people plan big renovations.

And yes we know there is an entire spin-off series about renovations but still, this was nice having the end results built into the episode.


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