House Hunters Recap: On the Level in Mississippi

House Hunters Recap: On the Level in Mississippi

House Hunters Rob and Lauren have two children, Annie (2) and Bo (3 months). They plan to expand their family one day, so they need to find a Vicksburg, MS home that works within their budget and has some of their quirky requests. Rob works as a physician and Lauren is a stay-at-home mom. They met in college when Rob was in medical school and Lauren was studying to be a physical therapist.

The two started their romance when Lauren showed off her football catching skills. They were married a year after they started dating. Lauren and Rob’s budget ranges from $250,000 to $300,000.

Wish Lists

Lauren and Rob want a four bedroom, three bathroom home with at least 2500 sq ft. It needs to have a home office for Lauren who takes care of the finances. Rob would also prefer if the new home was about a five minutes or less walk from his office. Rob and Lauren want a spacious bathroom.

His: Rob wouldn’t mind a fixer upper. He prefers colonial style homes with at least two-stories. He wants a flat, big yard.

Hers: Lauren doesn’t want a fixer upper, she wants a move-in ready home. Lauren prefers a brick traditional style home with a single story. She doesn’t want stairs. Lauren also wants a big white kitchen with a granite countertop. She also wants a side-facing garage.

House #1, $330,000

House Hunters Recap: On the Level in Mississippi -1

This home is move-in ready with a lot of curb appeal. It has a side-facing garage and it is a traditional home that’s less than five minutes from Rob’s job. The house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It’s 2800 sq ft. Unfortunately for Lauren, this home has very steep stairs. It has plenty of room for their family, including a roomy updated kitchen. The backyard is very lacking with not much yard space, and it is on a little bit of a slope.

The kitchen doesn’t have white cabinets but that’s an easy fix. The master suite is large but has carpet that would need removing. In the master bathroom, it has his and her sinks.

House #2, $220,000

House Hunters Recap: On the Level in Mississippi -2

This is a colonial style home with a front-facing garage. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It’s very large with over 3000 sq ft. It’s also a little far from Rob’s job with a 16 minute walk. This home also has stairs and an office space as well, but no door for it.

The master bedroom is once again lovely and large. The home also includes an updated large kitchen. The family room has plenty of space for the family. The backyard is the major problem with this home, because itàs large and flat, but has a moat. Lauren sees that feature as a possible safety concern for Bo and Annie.

House #3, $364,500

House Hunters Recap: On the Level in Mississippi -3

This home is also colonial style with four bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms. It’s about 3900 sq ft. It has formal spaces, including a closet and office. It has textured walls for a little bit of character. The kitchen is large with updated appliances.

The backyard has some fun extras like a pool, four acres, and a chicken coop. it has a huge master suite with a walk-in closet. The home has a lot of space but it’s a little overwhelming for Rob and Lauren.

Decision Time: House #3 was lovely but way over budget and a little too much space. House #2 just needed a little too much work, and too far from Rob’s job. However, it did have plenty of space. House #1 had a lot of their needs but was a little above budget, and it really lacked yard space.

House Hunters Recap: On the Level in Mississippi -4

Lauren and Rob picked...House #1.

They ended up buying it for $322,000 instead of the $330,000 asking price. They already repainted it and replaced the carpet.


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