House Hunters Recap: Looking for a Log Cabin in San Diego

House Hunters Recap: Looking for a Log Cabin in San Diego

Johnny and Wendy work at a tech firm in North San Diego county, CA. She’s a recruiter and he works in HR. They’re looking for a new place to accommodate them and their two children, Maya (6) and Linux (4). They are currently living in a starter condo but have outgrown it. House Hunters wants to help them upgrade by finding a home to match Johnny’s new vegetarian lifestyle.

Johnny really wants to find a place that combines his love of the outdoors and his new commitment to eating natural, homegrown foods. He would like to start a farm. Wendy supports her husband’s dream, but she isn’t sure if she wants to give up the convenience of being close to civilization. They have a budget of $700,000.

Wish Lists

Johnny and Wendy want the home to only have one level, because they’re worried about Maya and Linux walking up and down stairs. They would also like a guest house for when family visits.

Hers: Wendy wants to be close to neighbors. She also want to limit how much land they have: she wants a manageable backyard area. Wendy prefers Spanish style homes with white kitchens.

His: Johnny wants to be far from neighbors. He also wants lots of acres to start a farm. He prefers lodge or log cabin style homes.

House #1 $699,000

House Hunters Recap: Looking for a Log Cabin in San Diego-1

This home has no curb appeal, but it has plenty of space. It has 2,250 sq ft, and four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The home is a two-story house with a mainly open concept. It also has a gorgeous guest house. It includes a white kitchen but it’s  on the smaller side.

There is a large lot where Johnny could start his small farm or garden. All the bedrooms in this home are small, even smaller than their current condo. The bathrooms in this place are hideous.

House #2, $720,000

House Hunters Recap: Looking for a Log Cabin in San Diego-2This home is far from civilization, but has a beautiful outdoor playground with mountains and plenty of land. It has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. It also has a front patio. This two acres home has been newly renovated. It has exposed beams which gives it a lodge look.

The kitchen isn’t white but very large. It also has a big master suite. It’s a very beautiful home with plenty of room and isolation. It would be a long ride from this place to any form of stores or to get to their jobs.

House #3, $668,900

House Hunters Recap: Looking for a Log Cabin in San Diego-3

This is a Spanish-Mediterranean style home with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It’s close to neighbors and not too far from civilization. It has a half acre and 2,700 sq ft. It has an open concept with high ceilings, exposed beams, and hand textured ceilings. The kitchen is very large but brown.

The backyard is also very big, which gives Johnny plenty of room for his garden. There are also large walk-in closets and a very nice master suite.

Decision Time: House #3 seemed to blend both of their wants and needs, but it didn’t have much acres. House #2 seemed too far from civilization for people with small children. However it had a lot of land. House #1 wasn’t much of an upgrade based on the space, but it had a nice guest room.

House Hunters Recap: Looking for a Log Cabin in San Diego-4

Wendy and Johnny picked…House #3.

They got it for $630,000 instead of the $668,999 asking price. Wendy and Johnny have just begun moving into their place but they can envision a plentiful future in this home.


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