House Hunters Recap: Character or Bust in Atlanta

House Hunters Recap: Character or Bust in Atlanta

Okevia and Jamel are a charismatic couple living and loving in Atlanta, and now searching for a new home. The couple originally took notice of each other through social media. They had mutual friends, and then started following each other on social media. One day, Jamel noticed her at an event, and decided to message her to tell her that they were in the same room. It was love at first dm. Now they have been married for two years.

Jamel and Okevia originally lived in Florida, but moved to Atlanta when Jamel got a new job. They current live with Okevia’s two aunts and granny. It’s time to move out. Their budget ranges from $300,000 to $365,000.

Wish Lists

Okevia and Jamel both want a four bedroom, four bathroom home with a wrap-around porch. They want the home to have an open floor plan, a large dining room area, and a big basement.

His: Jamel wants a contemporary or traditional home, because he likes their a-symmetry style. Jamel also doesn’t mind a few fine renovation projects.

Hers: Okevia wants a Victorian style home with hardwood flooring and large windows. She really wants “character” in her move-in ready home.

House #1, $295,000

House Hunters Recap: Character or Bust in Atlanta-1

This craftsman style home has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and about 2800 sq ft. It has lots of “character” with crown molding and a high ceiling living room. The home also has a formal dining area but it’s not as large as Okevia hopes, and the kitchen is open but dark. The home also has a fenced backyard.

Jamel and Okevia aren’t thrilled about the small master bedroom, or the lack of basement. The home includes an unfinished attic, which Jamel sees as some place they could potentially remodel and make extra income by renting it out.

House #2, $$375,000

House Hunters Recap: Character or Bust in Atlanta-2

This Victorian style home has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and about 3300 sq ft. It has large windows, an open concept, and cool additional features like a wrap-around porch, back patio, and a sitting room. It also has a large updated kitchen.

Some of the issues with this home is that it has a small backyard and no basement. However, it does have a master and en suite.

House #3, $300,000

House Hunters Recap: Character or Bust in Atlanta-3

This is a traditional home with plenty of a-symmetry It has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, and…it has a finished basement. This home has over 2900 sq ft, plenty of stairs, hardwood flooring, and french doors for “character.” The kitchen area is very dated and compact, but it has a breakfast nook.

This home also has a screened deck, a large yard, and formal dining room. The place also comes with a large en suite with a walk-in closet.

Decision Time: This was a hard House Hunters to predict. All three homes had little touches of what Jamel and Okevia wanted. It would come down to which one they saw the most potential for their future family.

House Hunters Recap: Character or Bust in Atlanta-4

In the end, Okevia and Jamel picked…House #1.

They ended up buying it for $298,000 and have been working on making it their dream home.


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