House Hunters Recap: Beautiful Chaos in Gilbert, Arizona

House Hunters Recap: Beautiful Chaos in Gilbert, Arizona
House Hunters Brandon and Cassie met and fell in love in college. The school needed a women’s flag football coach, and Brandon stepped up to the job. Seeing Cassie’s excellent football throwing skills won him over. Now, they’ve been married for over 13 years, and have five children.

For the last six years, they have lived in Georgia but now they’re moving to Arizona. While they look for a new place, Cassie and Brandon are staying with her sister.

They have a $700,000 budget.

Wish Lists

Brandon and Cassie both want a home with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. It needs to have a home office and a pool.

Hers: Cassie doesn’t want a Mediterranean style home nor a Southwestern style place; she would prefer a modern farmhouse. Cassie also wants some land, and a large kitchen that has an island and a bright color.

His: Brandon prefers the craftsman or cape cod style homes. He wants land with lots of greenery, and a place that’s already turnkey .

House #1, $699,000

House Hunters Recap: Beautiful Chaos in Gilbert, Arizona-1

This home has about an acre of land. It has a Mediterranean style, five bedrooms, and four and a half bathrooms. It has a grand foyer, hardwood flooring, high ceilings, and an open concept. The kitchen isn’t exactly ideal with the dark colors, but the home has plenty of yard space, just not much greenery.

The home comes with a pool, a large master suite, and an area off the main home that could become Brandon’s workspace.

House #2, $719,000

House Hunters Recap: Beautiful Chaos in Gilbert, Arizona-2

This craftsman style home has a southern feel. It has a porch and a small yard. The home has plenty of space for the entire family with seven rooms, and three and a half bathrooms. It’s in a master plan community, so it’s a very family friendly location. The place has hardwood flooring, tile, and carpet. It’s a bit of a mess flooring wise. The kitchen is large but Cassie wants to completely remodel it. The home comes with almost a quarter acre of land, a porch area, and it has access to a park and greenery area.

It comes with a large master suite, a large basement, and plenty of room for activities. The place works for now but will need major renovations in the future.

House #3, $624,000

House Hunters Recap: Beautiful Chaos in Gilbert, Arizona-3

This home is finally the farmhouse that Cassie wants. The front area has plenty of greenery, and it comes with five bedrooms and four bathrooms, and a half acre of land. Cassie doesn’t like the Tuscan style of the home. As she puts it, “if I wanted to be in Italy, I would be in Italy.”

The kitchen is also less than ideal with a dark tone and color scheme. The home has a porch, a spa area, a den, and office space.

The home also has a fireplace, a large master bedroom, a bonus room, and built-ins.

Decision Time: House #1 had a lot of Brandon and Cassie’s wish list items, and it was reasonably priced. However, they weren’t fans of the exterior. House #2 was over budget but it had the most space of the homes. House #3 was a farmhouse, but didn’t have the look or feel that Cassie wanted.

House Hunters Recap: Beautiful Chaos in Gilbert, Arizona-4

Brandon and Cassie picked…House #1.

They ended up buying it for $690,000. In the future, Cassie and Brandon plan to landscape it, redo the kitchen, and change the exterior.


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