House Hunter Recap: Finding Common Ground

House Hunter Recap: Finding Common Ground

House Hunters Chelsea and David currently live in Indianapolis, IN, but they met at the University of Missouri. He was on the football team and she was auditioning to be a cheerleader. Her friend intercepted their first meeting, but two years later they started dating.

Now the happy couple has been together for 12 years and married for seven years. Chelsea and David have a five year old son and a ten year old dog. They’re working with a budget of $250,000.

Wish Lists

David and Chelsea both want a finished basement. Chelsea has a little bit of a fear of the unknown in an unfinished basement. David teases her about the basement boogymen.

David wants a modern, contemporary home. He’s okay with some projects, but he cannot tolerate a shower and tub combination.

Hers: Chelsea wants a traditional turnkey home. It also needs to have the stairs off from the entrance to give it the right feng shui.

House #1, $244,000

House Hunter Recap: Finding Common Ground-1

This modern home has 2400 sq ft. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a nice front porch patio area. On the inside of the home, there is a random placement of a wall by the entrance: it messes up the home’s feng shui. The backyard is gorgeous and accessible through the living room.

The home also has a modern, updated kitchen and a bonus sink that could be used for a side-hustle salon business. The top floor of this home has lots of carpet, which David hates. The place has a lot of cool contemporary light fixtures. Unfortunately, the home is burdened with the shower-tub combo setup. It’s also completely missing a basement.

House #2, $239,900

House Hunter Recap: Finding Common Ground-2

This traditional style home has about 3800 sq ft, a finished basement, four bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms. The feng shui is a little off with the placement of the stairs towards the entrance. The house also has a huge family room with high ceilings and a fireplace.

The family room opens into the kitchen.The big backyard comes with a deck that needs some TLC.The home also has a formal dining room, and the 1300 sq ft basement comes with a bar.

House #3, $205,000

House Hunter Recap: Finding Common Ground-3

This home has a lot of curb appeal, if you like traditional homes. The inside of it is a lot more modern. It has partial carpet and mainly bamboo flooring. The home includes an updated kitchen that’s turnkey and has an open floor plan.

The backyard includes an amazing deck, a pool, and plenty of space for Chelsea and David’s son and dog. The place also has an unfinished basement, but separate shower and tub.

Decision Time: House #3 seemed like the best option to us, but Chelsea couldn’t handle the unfinished basement. House #2 had a lot of space, and was the only home with a finished basement, but the feng shui in it was off. House #1 was a very sleek modern home with lots of character. It was just a little on the higher end of their budget.

House Hunter Recap: Finding Common Ground

David and Chelsea picked…House #2.

They ended up buying it for the $239,900 asking price, and have temporarily put renovations on hold.


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