Good Bones Recap: Season 3 Episode 13 – Budget-Busting Victorian

Good Bones Recap Season 3 Episode 13 - Budget-Busting Victorian

Mina and Karen bought a historical house in the Northside neighborhood on last night’s episode of Good Bones season 3. The house was three bedrooms, one and a half bathroom house with just about 2566 square feet including the attic space. They bought the house for $18,000 from the original owner who really just wanted to see this house restored.

The inside of the house is pretty run down. There is water damage, the floor joists under the kitchen all have to be replaced, but overall the foundation looks pretty good. After looking through the basement, Mina and Karen head outside to check out the backyard and there is a big hold back there. It was covered by a piece of metal. Mina knew it was there and decided that she was going to have Tad hide in the hole. When Karen uncovers the hole, Tad jumped out and scared Karen.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. Mina wants to use the back bedroom and the current bathroom as a master suite and then add another bathroom for the other two bedrooms. Their to-do list included opening up the floor plan on the first floor, fix the foundation under the kitchen and redo the upper balcony which will be off the master bedroom. All while trying to keep the original character. Here is what the house looked like before.

Gallery: ‘Before’ the Good Bones Renovation

During the demo, Karen had Austin help her preserve the design on the walls in the living room with some paper and charcoal. They plan on recreating this design in the new walls. After they do that, her and Austin go up to the bathroom to take the window out of there. Karen mentions wanting to make it into a mirror or something.

After the demo, Mina and Karen go over the floor plan. Karen is kind of bummed that the columns in the living room are not staying in the house because in order to open it all up, they have to put in headers and that won’t allow room for the columns. After finalizing the floor plans together, we get a look at the progress on the house. They have the new floor joists and foundation blocks put in so the house is now safe to walk through.

Brandi, the former owner of the house, came by to show Karen and Mina some pictures of her entire family inside the house. Her grandparents were the original owners of the house and they raised their children and grandchildren all inside this house. After that, they work on getting some of the trees cleaned up.

There were some permit issues during the renovation because of the amount of framing they had to rebuild, the city has deemed this a new construction. With that being said, they have to rebuild some more of the basement, which means they can’t afford to rebuild the attic like they had previously hoped. This means that their square footage is going to drop and their selling price is going to also drop, which means so is their profit.

Tad has a lot of the flooring installed, but Mina doesn’t like the color at all. She has him pulling up the lighter color and replacing it with a darker wood color. After the flooring is put in, they put up a chair rail in and Tad paints it. Karen and Austin are putting a plaster design up on the walls in the living room. Karen realized they weren’t going to be able to recreate the exact one from the original house, but she got a stencil which is also very pretty. They taped it up on the wall, brushed plaster over it and then peeled the stencil before the plaster dried too much. It came out great. After painting them the same color as the walls, they are finished!

Karen went on a much-needed vacation, which left Mina to decorate the house and show it to Brandi and her cousin, Ashley. She enlisted the help of Tad and one of the other guys to move the furniture around for her. Brandi and Ashley meet up with Mina and she takes them on a walkthrough of the house. Here is what the house looked like after the renovation was completed!

Gallery: ‘After’ the Good Bones Renovation

After their walkthrough, Brandi and Ashley talked about having a family meeting and figuring out a way to buy the house back and keep it in the family. They would really like to be able to bring their kids back to see where they all grew up. Mina bought the house for $18,000 and with the added foundation costs they ended up putting $270,000 into the house. She thinks that they can sell it for about $400,000 and make a profit of about $112,000.

She does mention that if Brandi and her family wanted to buy back the house she would be willing to knock off some of the selling price to make sure they were able to get it back. Brandi is pretty committed to getting this house back into their family. What did you think of this episode of Good Bones season 3? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!


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