Flip or Flop Nashville Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Low Wattage Cottage

This week on Flip or Flop Nashville, Page and DeRon have found a small little cottage in a very hot Nashville neighborhood.

The 1951 all-brick ranch is kind of the ugly and old duckling as the house is sitting there among a lot of new construction and rehabbed homes. Sounds like the perfect house for Page and DeRon to work their magic.

The outside is your standard no-curb appeal house. It’ll need some paint, a new roof and windows and some landscaping. The inside, according to those who are actually there to smell it, smells old and musty. What we viewers can see, though, is that the hardwood floors are stained, warped and just gross. The other major problems with the house are the washer and dryer in the kitchen, it’s going to need totally rewired and there are only six cabinets in the kitchen. Oh, and the hot water tank is in the attic.

Wait, I forgot some things. There’s also smoke stains on the walls, cracks in the ceilings and rotting floors. This is going to have to be a complete gut job. We’re talking all the way down to the studs. DeRon lets us know that this house is such bad shape they wouldn’t touch it if it wasn’t in the great neighborhood it’s in.

So needless to say, this is going to be a costly renovation. DeRon is projecting they will need $70,000 to do it up they way it needs to be done to compete with other homes in the area. The house was Listed at $190,000 and they got ended up purchasing it for $166,000. The plan is to list it at $299,900, giving them a pretty nice profit.

The renovation starts, and since they’re going down to the studs, there shouldn’t be any major problems. Right? Wrong. There seems to be a problem with the foundation. Wait. Nope. False alarm. Foundation is all good. So the budget is still in tact. And hold that thought. The bricks are pulling away from the house. So there needs to be some extensive brick repair that sets them back a few days and a few thousand dollars.

And another problem arises. Remember the hot water tank in the attic? Yeah, that has to come down. They decide it’s best to move it to one of the closets downstairs. And since they’ve also had to move the washer and dryer out of the kitchen to another closet, they’re losing precious space from their bedrooms. DeRon decides to build two new closets in the master bedroom to make up for it.

Everything finally falls into place and the house is ready for the big reveal. The outside went from old-school boring brick to a cute cottage sure to compete with the others on the block. Inside the house, they vaulted the ceilings in the living room, making the small space seem huge. My favorite part of the house, though, is the kitchen. It’s small, but designed so well. The black on white cabinets was a great idea. I’ve never thought of mixing black and white. And the white countertops really tied it together. And I loved that they carried the black all the way through the house with doors and window frames.

The wrap-around deck ads some extra outdoor space to the small house. That was a smart addition. Overall, it’s still a small house but now it’s sleek and sophisticated.

After a successful open house, they stick to the idea of listing the house at $299,900. After a week on the market, they accepted an offer for $249,900, giving them a profit of just under $36,000.

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