Flip or Flop Nashville Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Hot In Nashville

This week on Flip or Flop Nashville, Page has found “a diamond in the rough” in a hot and hip area of Nashville. And when she says rough, she means rough.

Page takes DeRon to the 1950 ranch-style house, and as always, it’s so rundown he’s immediately skeptical. The outside is terribly overgrown, there are ancient and rusty awnings on the house and on top of that (literally) is a really bad roof. “You never pick an easy house,” DeRon tells Page.

Around back, they discover the 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house has some crazy-looking addition tacked onto the back. So they head inside to see the rest of the damage.

And the inside of the house is just as bad as the outside. The kitchen floor has already been partially removed, revealing some termite damage .The house is very choppy as there are doors and walls everywhere. Page thinks they need to take some of that awkward space and add  bathroom so they can sell the house for at least $5,000 more. DeRon isn’t seeing it that as a possibility.

The house priced at $150,000, which is high for that house. But Page thinks it’s a good price for the neighborhood. DeRon thinks it would take around $40,000 to rehab the house. She thinks they can get 2$79,900, giving them almost a $70,000 profit.

So it’s time to start making that wacky house make some sense. The plan is to take out walls and wall off some other areas … and add a master bathroom. Or will they? They can’t agree on that extra bathroom just yet.

As soon as the demo starts, problems follow. The wood is rotting and the termite damage is worse than anyone thought. That means more money, as does the fact that they are going to need a new HVAC system. Any extra wiggle room for Page’s extra bathroom is quickly slipping away.

But Page thinks the extra expenses mean they really do need the second bathroom. She says with the extra bathroom, they can sell the house for $284,900. And DeRon is finally convinced that is the way to make up for the money they’re losing.

The house is finally done and the outside is amazing. It went from what looked like a tear-down to a hip and cute house. I love the blue color they went with. The inside of the house honestly isn’t my favorite. To me, it still looks a bit choppy and small and not as modern as some of their other designs. And it bothers me that they never have a refrigerator placed for staging. But the new master bathroom looks like it is really going to pay off.

In the end, they spent $222,500 on the house and they decide to definitely list it at $284,900. And Page was right. They had three offers by the end of the open house. So they sold it for the full listing price, giving them a profit of $62,400.

What did you think of the house after the renovation?

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