Property Brothers Recap: Season 11 Episode 2 – Big City Move

Property Brothers Recap Season 11 Episode 2 - Big City Move

In last night’s episode of Property Brother season 11 we watched as Drew and Jonathan work with Kristen and her best friend Kacey. They are looking to find Kristen’s dream house. She has a very interesting style and she falls in love with the first house she sees. She humors Kacey, Drew and Jonathan and looks at a couple different houses after, but she doesn’t get the same vibe from the others as she did with the first.

The first house she looked at was on the market for $289,900 and it was priced competitively which means it could sell for more than the listing price. Drew works his magic and gets it for listing price and Jonathan, Kacey and Kristen head over to start the demolition. This house has everything she wanted in a house, it has charm, it has the space she needs and the yard space she wants for when she decides to get a dog. Here are the before pictures of the house!

Gallery: Before the Property Brothers Renovations

While demolishing the kitchen, they pulled out all the old cabinets and under the cabinets they find two things. First, they find dead rats and second, they find that the floors underneath are all rotted out. The bathroom they not only find that the wall isn’t completely anchored and the flooring needs to be completely redone. After further investigation of the house, they find that the structure of the house is completely shot and the previous owner had logs holding up the house.

They had to completely gut the entire house, including the floors, to make sure that the structure of the house is stable and supported properly. In order to do all the work to the structure, Jonathan had to go over Kristen’s budget by $13,000 and she is really upset, but it had to be done. After the structural fixes are done, it’s time to start cutting the budget in other areas. Jonathan tells her that new windows will have to wait, but he will make sure that they at least lock for her. Before we get any further, I want to show you Jonathan’s design idea’s for Kristen’s house!

Gallery: Jonathan’s Designs for the Property Brothers Renovation

After a few minor decisions for Kristen to make as far as her style, the renovations are fully underway and things are being put together. Now it’s time for her to chose some cool decor for her new house. She is warned that not everything she picks out will be bought, but it give him an idea of how to decorate the house. She has also decided to use her existing furniture to try and save some money there.

In the end, Jonathan is able to get Kristen back on budget by cutting out some things and changing others. After the renovation is completed and it’s time to show Kristen her new house, I was blown away by what the house looks like now, compared to the photos above of what it looked like! Are you ready to see what her house looks like now? Check out these pictures of her house now!

Gallery: After the Property Brothers Renovations

Can you believe the transformation of this house? From rotting floors and dead animals to a great living space that is practical for her and her needs! Let me know what you think of this episode of Property Brothers 2017 in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!



  1. I absolutely love her bedding in this episode – I think it was hers before she did the show. Can anyone help me with a picture of it or know where I can find one. Thanks so much! Love all your design work and the show.

  2. I tried to find the fireplace surround on the Property Brothers Resource Guide website, but evidently it doesn’t work anymore?
    I can’t find it anywhere, does anyone have an idea? Or a materials list for this episode?

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