Property Brothers Recap: Season 10 Episode 17 – Lakeside Dreaming

Property Brothers Recap Season 10 Episode 17 - Lakeside Dreaming

This episode of Property Brothers season 11 is about Amanda and Tre and their two beautiful kids, Thomas and Zoe. They have been living in a small rental for the last three years and really need to find something that is big enough for their growing family. They have a budget of a million dollars. Jonathan and Drew show them a home that is out of their price point, just to get an idea of their style.

The first house is kind of on the small side and it’s also attached to the house next to it and they aren’t too happy about either of those things. Once Jonathan tells his plans for it, they are a little more open to the idea, but they move onto the next. They hated the second house, we didn’t even get a look at the inside. They look at a few others and while at a play date with her friend and their kids, they find out there is a house next door that is going on the market. Amanda is able to get Drew enough information to contact the seller and set up a day to look at it.

Walking into the house, the entry way is small, but Jonathan can fix that and they look through the rest of the house and they see a lot of potential. It’s a little out of the way as far as the area, because they wanted to be closer to the water, but there is some pros to this because Thomas’ friend lives next door. After a little bit of thinking, they decide to go in and make an offer on the house before it hits the market. They make an offer on the house of $790,000 which was rejected and the counter offer was $800,000. Drew has them come back with $795,000. Here is the house before Jonathan got his hands on it!

Gallery: Before the Property Brothers Renovations

Jonathan has a lot of plans for this house, The living area is also going to have a little play area for Zoe and Amanda. He also plans on changing the location of the kitchen. The kitchen will become their formal dining area and their kitchen will be going into a room that was added onto the house right off of the current kitchen. There is a lot of work to be done, but Jonathan thinks he can do it. Here are Jonathan’s design ideas for Amanda and Tre’s new home!

Gallery: Jonathan’s Designs for the Property Brothers Renovation

When demo starts, he realizes that there is a huge waste pipe behind the current kitchen cabinets and it also appears there is a leak somewhere. He tells them that they will continue demo and see how bad it is and then revisit it. After demo is done, there are some other issues that they need to take care of. There are lead pipes in the house that need to be switched out, the electrical in the house has to be completely redone. The electrician that did it originally did everything in their power to make it look like it was done properly, but when Jonathan took the walls down, he saw that the wires weren’t up to code and a safety hazard.

Luckily, Amanda’s father is super handy and has decided to help with some of the renovation because the rewiring of the house is going to cost them $17,000. Amanda’s father is also refinishing a hutch for their new dining room which will help cut the decorating costs a little. By the end of it, he helped Amanda and Tre save several thousand dollars because of his handy work. I also want to point out that I want their kitchen in whatever house I buy. Here is what the house looked like when Jonathan was finished!

Gallery: After the Property Brothers Renovations

What an amazing house and they stayed on budget with the help of Amanda’s father. Let me know what you think in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!


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