Love It Or List It Season 6 Episode 21 Recap: Master Mistake

Three years after making a hasty home purchase, Sam and Valerie have decided it’s time to either move on or make their current home meet their needs. Sounds like a job for “Love It Or List It.”

The couple tell us they were forced into buying the house because what was going to be their dream home ran into some issues. They were pressed for time and acted fast, buying their current house. Valerie has fallen in love with the house, even calling it a dream. She thinks it’s the perfect location and she loves the mid-century design. She admits it just needs a little work.

Sam, however, hates everything about the house. And he is not at all interested in renovating it because he hates renovation. And he really wants his own massive closet space and a garage. “It’s time to go,” he stresses.

Enter “Love It Or List It” hosts Hillary and David. They’ve come to the rescue. But first, we’ve got some staged and scripted sass and banter. So let’s skip all those dramatics and look at the logistics.

Valerie and Sam have shared their must-haves on a new home (what it would take to List It):

List It Must-Haves

  • Move in ready
  • 5 beds
  • 4 baths
  • large updated kitchen
  • large master and bath
  • garage

Budget: $675,000

And what would it take for them to Love It?

Love It Must-Haves

  • renovate kitchen
  • expand Master bath
  • new storage space in master bedroom
  • renovate upstiars bath
  • renovate downstairs bath
  • ddjust guest bedroom
  • build a garage

Budget: $100,000 firm.

So it’s time to get to work. David starts looking for a new house, and Hillary starts making plans for renovating the current house. The living room is already pretty nice, so they’re not spending any money on it. Hillary already knows they’re not getting a garage. She wants to spend the money inside the house. And luckily for Hillary, there’s a environmental issue that won’t allow a garage to be built.

David strikes out on the first house, and Hillary lets Sam know he can’t get his garage. So, needless to say, the couple is pretty disappointed in everyone at the moment.

After some changes in design following a bit of a freakout by Valerie and Sam freaked out, Hillary continues her part of the job. The house renovation seems to be shaping up nicely. So let’s check back with David. He’s now on the second house to show Sam and Valerie. And like the first one they saw, it doesn’t meet all their needs. So David still has to find them the perfect house.

Back at their current house, Hillary is delivering more bad news. They have to replace the air conditioning, so she tells them they can’t do it with the current budget. They’re going to have to give something up. They decide to ditch the plans to redo the daughter’s bathroom.

David finally finds the right house that could just get them to list their current house. The house is 4,000 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths. And it has a garage.

Sam instantly oves the house. And Valerie also can’t deny that it’s a pretty nice house. She actually admits to really liking it. She likes the white cabinets and marble countertops in the kitchen and they’re happy with the garage.

Another selling point is that each of the kids would get their own bathroom. Oh, and Sam would get his own walk-in closet. The new house is listed at $700,000, so it’s a little over budget. They do love the house but want to see what Hillary has done with their place. Time to check it out.

The living room didn’t change, so they start with the kitchen. Hillary opened up the room and dded loads of counter space and storage. The cabinets are an odd green, that i’m not sure will age well, but they seem to like it well enough. The guest room was redesigned and their happy with that as well.

The master bedroom didn’t change much, but the added walk-in closet for Sam is pretty remarkable. The new master bath is no longer a small cube and what Hillary did in there left them speechless. Overall, they’re very impressed by the house, but they sill love the house David found them.

I think they are ready for the move, though. I’m going to guess they deice to List It. Especially since they couldn’t get their garage or get their daughter her updated bathroom. The renovation that did get done, however, has brought the home’s value up to $700,000. That means they could afford the house David found them.

So what did they deice to do? After some talking it over, Valerie and Sam decide to List It! I think that was definitely the right decision. The new house was just too prefect for them.


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