House Hunters Recap: First Home For Pup In Chicago

House Hunters Rob and Karolina are looking for their first house in the Chicago suburbs with their dog Vinnie. They’ve been paying rent on two apartments and after four years together, they’re decided it’s time to merge.

They’ve moved in with Rob’s parents while they look for the perfect first house for them. So what is the perfect house? Let’s take a look.

Their budget is $350,000 and Vinnie requires a yard. As for Rob and Karolina, they have differing opinions, which is the House Hunters way.

The Wish Lists

His: He wants single-story ranch that might be a little rough around the edges so he can do some fixer upper projects. He also would like an open concept, natural light and of course a man cave (how I hate that term).

Hers: She wants a move-in ready house. She also prefers a two-story craftsman style. She’d be ok with some stone but does not want a brick house. And like most of the house hunters, she wants a nice kitchen, but doesn’t want carpeted rooms. She also needs to be close to the train.

Vinnie has to approve the house, too, of course.

The Houses

House #1, $368,000

The first house is a two-story home, but it’s a little over budget. And to be out of their price range, it would also need a lot of work to fit their needs. There’s a lot of carpet and the kitchen is outdated. So Karolina definitely isn’t liking it. Rob, however, is looking at the potential of the house despite the price range. After seeing a really outdated bathroom and some more carpet, they check out the back yard which is really large and fenced, perfect for Vinnie.

The yard is great, but the rest of the house just hits nothing on their checklist. Maybe they will like the idea of doing a lot of work and making it their own?

House #2, $380,000

Immediately I knew this 1-story ranch isn’t going to work. That’s so far out of their price range Rob immediately mentions how much that worries him. And Karoline doesn’t like the brick on the outside.

The inside of the house is beautiful, though. It has been completely redone and is move-in ready. And there’s less carpet this time. The kitchen is large and nice with an island. Rob loves the really large basement and Vinnie seems to love it too. I think this house is really nice, but it’s probably too over-priced for them, so I don’t think this is the right house for them.

House #3, $328,000

The third house is under budget and it’s been newly remodeled. The ranch has 3 beds and 2 baths, but doesn’t have a basemen. Even though the outside isn’t Karolina’s style, she loves the completely redone inside. The main area is open and there’s a lot of natural light. There’s also a large wall for Rob’s TVs (yes he wants three TVs). And the kitchen is just what they want. They also find that the backyard is large and perfect for Vinnie expect for one thing: It has a pool. And they do not want a pool. They learn that filling in the pool would cost them $8,000-10,000.

Th bedrooms are a little small, which is pretty normal for a house built in the 50s. And even though there’s no ensuite, the two bathrooms are really nice and updated. I think this is my favorite house, but I’m not sure it’s their favorite.

I know I’d choose house #3, but I don’t know if they will. Which will they choose? They should go with the third one, but I think they’ll go with the first house. But let’s find out!

They’ve decided to go with house 3! I didn’t think they would do it, but I think they made the right decision. It’s a really nice house. And Vinnie approves (and that’s what really matters!)


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