House Hunters Recap: Yucko to Stucco in Los Angeles

House Hunters Recap: Yucko to Stucco in Los AngelesDante and Suza have been living the LA lifestyle for a while, and they want to continue to explore and grow in this major city. The couple met at a burger outing. Dante thought meeting Suza was just a chance encounter. He later discovered it was a planned setup by a mutual friend. Suza and Dante have been together for five years and are currently engaged.

They currently have a small rental in the Koreatown part of LA. As they continue to grow their lives together, they want to move out of the one room rental and into their very first home. With the help of House Hunters, this dream will become a reality. They have a budget of $420,000

Wish Lists

Dante and Suza want a two bedroom, two bathroom home. Dante doesn’t like sharing a bathroom, so he wants one for him and one for his guests. The new place has to be at least 1000 sq ft. Dante doesn’t drive, so they need to live near a public transit. They want in-unit laundry.

His: Dante wants no stucco. He just doesn’t like the look of it. He wants a modern home, and a condo works fine for him.

Hers: Suza wants a Spanish style single famiily home. She also wants a large backyard for gardening. Lastly, she wants a large kitchen.

House #1, $339,000

House Hunters Recap: Yucko to Stucco in Los Angeles-1

This home is located in San Pedro. It’s a few minutes away from a metro line. This condo has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The HOA would be $225/mo. It’s located on the third floor of a building that has no elevators. Suza loves the Spanish look with the arcs. Inside the home, the house isn’t completely open concept. It’s very outdated, especially the kitchen.

Dante also notices the stucco on the balcony. The backyard is very underwhelming, but it has a small space for a garden. This condo needs a lot of renovations. One bathroom needs work, but the master one looks great. The master bedroom is also large and nice. This condo has in-unit laundry.

House #2, $399,000

House Hunters Recap: Yucko to Stucco in Los Angeles-2

This condo does not have in-unit laundry, but a community one. It’s located a mile from the rail line. The outside has no curb appeal but the inside is newly remodeled. It looks modern and clean, but Suza thinks it looks too clean, cold, and sterile. Despite the appealing look of the interior, there isn’t much to see on the outside.

The place also seems a bit small, but it does have two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

House #3, $449,000

House Hunters Recap: Yucko to Stucco in Los Angeles-3

This is a single family home with 4000 sq ft. It’s located in Saint Harbor, and not close to a public transit. It has a beautiful front yard that has plenty of space for Suza’s garden. It’s large and modern with an open concept design.

All the rooms are spacious, and it has in-unit laundry.

Decision Time: House #3 was Suza’s style but it was just way over their budget. House #2 fit more of Dante’s style but didn’t leave room for imagination and creativity. House #1 was the most affordable, but needed a lot of renovations.

House Hunters Recap: Yucko to Stucco in Los Angeles-4

Suza and Dante picked…House #1.

They paid the $339,000 asking price. They already finished remodeling the floors and kitchen. They plan to remodel the bathroom soon.


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