House Hunters Recap: Trick or Treat in Atlanta

House Hunters Recap: Trick or Treat in Atlanta

This episode of House Hunters was the show’s very bad attempt to incorporate Halloween into it. We meet Laura, a young professional who loves traveling, dogs, and Halloween decorating. She’s a marketing manager who made a recent move to Atlanta for a job. On her off days, she goes drinking with her best friend, Hailey, and volunteers at a dog shelter.

Laura wants a new home to help her settle into the Atlanta lifestyle. She has a budget of $250,000. Laura is shopping for a home for herself, so she wants Hailey to come along to give some input.

Wish Lists

Hailey thinks that Laura should go for a high-rise home that’s modern and has lots of amenities. However, Laura wants a townhouse, especially a traditional colonial one. A private entrance, outdoor outlets for Halloween decorations, charming features, a large walk-in closet, and a fenced yard round out Laura’s wish list items. She also wants her new home to be in the Buckhead area.

House #1, $249,900

House Hunters Recap: Trick or Treat in Atlanta -1

This is a high-rise home with upscale amenities, like a private entrance, a dog park, pool, and a gym. This 1062 sq ft home was built in 1967. It was newly renovated to be more contemporary with lots of open space, including in the kitchen. This high-rise has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large master closet, but it is not large enough according to Laura.

One of the major perks of this home is the beautiful view of Atlanta.

House #2, $187,900

House Hunters Recap: Trick or Treat in Atlanta -3

This townhome is right outside Buckhead. It also has a private entrance, 1288 sq ft, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. It comes with an HOA of 425 a month. This costs covers the water bill and access to the pool. The home has some updates, but hasn’t been completely remodeled.

It has a private backyard, outdoor outlets, a closed kitchen with mainly stainless steel appliances. On the second floor, it has carpet and two large master closets, but it is still not big enough for Laura.

House #3, $198,000

House Hunters Recap: Trick or Treat in Atlanta -2

This two bedroom, two and a half bathroom home is very far from Buckhead. It’s about 20 miles outside Atlanta in the Marietta area. It’s also a townhouse with a two-car garage, outside outlets, 1900 sq ft, and a gated community. It was built in 2004. This townhome also has a $165 a month HOA, which covers the pool and keys.

This home also has a big kitchen and charming features, which does not include all the random paint colors. It has a large shared backyard with a private patio. It also has a gorgeous master bathroom and large master closet.

Decision Time: Laura gets most of what she wanted in each home. Her real estate agent actually does a really good job of staying within her budget and listening to Laura’s wants. House #1 just doesn’t quite match her style but it has a lot of luxury extras. House #2 seemed the most right for Laura, but needed some renovations. House #3 had a lot of great things for the price, but it seemed way too far.

House Hunters Recap: Trick or Treat in Atlanta -4

Laura picks…House #2.

She ended up buying it for $182,000 instead of $187,900.


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