House Hunters Recap: No Bathroom Closets in Nashville

House Hunters Recap: No Bathroom Closets in NashvilleHouse Hunters and Nashville residents Uche and Love want to find a new place in East Nashville with no bathroom closets. Oddly, this becomes a nearly impossible task for the two doctors. Uche and Love met in medical school in Washington, but didn’t start dating until she won him in a charity auction a year after they graduated.

The couple then did residency in Michigan and moved to Nashville when Uche got a job offer. They’ve been married for five years and have been renting a house in Nashville, but want to upgrade to a bigger place in the East Nashville area. They have a $850,000 budget.

Wish Lists

They both want an open, white kitchen. An enclosed game room, so that Uche doesn’t have to listen to Love’s loud gaming. Love is obsessed with not having closets in the bathrooms, so that’s a huge must on their wish list. They also want a water closet.

Hers: Uche prefers the craftsman style homes. She also wants a place about 2500 sq ft.

His: Love prefers modern style homes, and he wants 3000 sq ft.

House #1, $605,000

The first home has a craftsman style design. It also has major curb appeal with the outside being painted red and a white bright fence to greet visitors. Love complains about it not having enough modern flare, but it has plenty of room for their extended family: It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Uche gets her dream white kitchen with this place.

It’s an open concept home, but some of the spaces are oddly organized, like having two dining room areas. This craftsman style place has a beautiful deck, perfect for backyard barbecues. It also has Love’s water closet, but it also has a regular closet.

House #2, $769,000

House Hunters Recap: No Bathroom Closets in Nashville-2This home is a little outside East Nashville, it’s in Greenhill, TN, so it’s more suburban than Uche and Love are used to. It has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. This home doesn’t quite fit either of their styles but it has plenty of their other wish list items, like an open concept, white kitchen, and several game room options.

The bathrooms in this room are glamorous with double vanities and a water closet. Unfortunately, this home also has a bathroom closet. It is a lot of home for two people, but perfect for their big families.

House #3, $769,000

House Hunters Recap: No Bathroom Closets in Nashville-3The final home blends modern and craftsman style. It looks like a craftsman style on outside, but it’s new construction so more modern. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, but with a few bonus rooms in this 2700 sq ft unit. It has an open concept with a large island in the two-tone kitchen. The backyard lacks some aesthetic appeal, and it doesn’t have a deck.

All the bedrooms are an okay size but have no real wow factor. The master bathroom is a lot better with a water closet, but it has a regular closet in it as well. Love loves the extra space on the second floor that could be turned into a gaming room. Uche thinks it should be converted to a new living space for guest.

Decision Time: House #1 lacked a bit of the wow factor. It looked a bit cluttered. The best thing about the place was the deck area. House #2 was very spacious and pretty, but it almost seemed like too much space. House #3 seemed to fit their styles the most, but it didn’t give them any real additional space.

House Hunters Recap: No Bathroom Closets in Nashville-4In the end, they picked…House #2.

They bought it for the $769,000 asking price and have been having family over already. With this home purchase, Uche and Love feel like they’ve checked off another big life goal.


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