House Hunters Recap: Historic vs. Modern in Memphis

House Hunters‘ Jason and Anna are both healthcare professions who want to find a home that combines historic character with modern practicality. Jason and Anna met online, but they discovered that they barely missed each other: they attended many of the same Memphis concerts throughout the years.

House Hunters Recap: Historic vs. Modern in Memphis

Currently, Anna and Jason live in a home that Anna purchased prior to their marriage. Now they want to upgrade to a place that has more space for them and their many furry friends. Anna and Jason’s budget is $450,000.

Wish Lists

Jason and Anna both want a master bedroom en suite, solid surface countertops in the kitchen, and a spacious backyard for their dogs.

Hers: Anna wants a modern design home with an open concept. She  also wants a spacious kitchen and plenty of closets.

His: Jason likes old colonial style homes. He wants the home to have a segmented design and an office space.

House #1, $339,000

House Hunters Recap: Historic vs. Modern in Memphis-1

This  Dutch colonial was built in 1927, so it has a vintage look with curb appeal. The bright yellow exterior and bright red door captures everyone’s attention. It is a home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, segmented spaces, a fireplace, and stairs.

The charming home has a sunroom, a large dining room.  Anna likes the historic elements but wants to give the home more of an open concept by removing a wall. Jason immediately objects. The place has a beautiful backyard for the dogs, along with a large open kitchen. It also has a shed that can be renovated into a separate living space for guests.

It lacks closet space and the bathrooms are small.

House #2, $450,000

House Hunters Recap: Historic vs. Modern in Memphis-2

This home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. As bonus features, it has a separate living space and a separate attic room. The home has an open concept. The kitchen is bright, open, and plenty of room. One of the best features of this place is the large office space that could also convert into a guest room.

The home’s historic exterior and modern interior makes it an ideal home option for Anna and Jason.

House #3, $355,000

House Hunters Recap: Historic vs. Modern in Memphis-4

This 1950s mid-century modern home has plenty of space. It has dark brick and extra space for a den and dining area. The kitchen is huge with plenty of cabinet space. All the bedrooms are spacious but the master bedroom en suite is lackluster.

This home does have a few features that give it a historical feel.

Decision time: House #3 lacked some charm and felt a little overwhelming with space. House #2 seemed too expensive, especially with it needing a few adjustments.

House Hunters Recap: Historic vs. Modern in Memphis-5

House #1 matched their needs the most, so they picked this one in the end.

Anna and Jason bought the home for $332,000 instead of the asking $339,000. They have already begun renovations.


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