House Hunters Recap: From Colorado Snow to Florida Sand

House Hunters Recap: From Colorado Snow to Florida Sand

House Hunters Karla and Ted have been together since they met in Honduras when Karla was only 19. Ted was in the Peace Corps and Karla was working as a youth church leader. Now the couple has two daughter, Katherine and Kendra. One just graduated college and the other currently attends it. The family originally lived in Colorado, but Ted and Karla moved to Florida a year ago to be closer to their daughters, who both went to school in Florida.

Ted and Karla have been renting in Tampa Bay, Florida for a year, but want to find a new home to settle in the area. They have a budget of $350,000.

Wish Lists

Ted and Karla want a home close to the Saint Petersburg area. They want an open concept home with an updated kitchen. Karla and Ted would also love a music room with space for two mini grand pianos. The home must have three bedrooms and one large master bedroom. They also want a large patio area.

His: Ted wants a traditional suburban style home that was recently built.

Hers: Karla wants a vintage bungalow style with a five piece master bathroom.

House #1, $329,900

House Hunters Recap: From Colorado Snow to Florida Sand-1

This bungalow style home was built in 1946. It’s located in Saint Petersburg, near the coffeepot district, a very popular area. The home has plenty of historic charm with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The layout is long with a mainly open concept. All the rooms have dark tile floors with bright colors painted for each room.

Both Ted and Karla hate the design of the kitchen. It also needs to be renovated. The master bedroom is a nice size with french doors that lead to the backyard, which is the only entrance to that area. The master bathroom only has three pieces. The backyard has plenty of entertaining guest space.

House #2, $319,700

House Hunters Recap: From Colorado Snow to Florida Sand-2

This is a modern interior home built in 1920. It’s a craftsman style with a classic porch. The home has an open concept, modern kitchen with white cabinets and high end appliances. All the guest bedrooms are small, but the master bedroom is large with a five piece master bathroom.

The backyard is very lackluster with not much room and needing some serious lawn work.

House #3, $300,000

House Hunters Recap: From Colorado Snow to Florida Sand-3

This french revival home is located in Clearwater. It’s 25 miles north of Saint Petersburg. It’s a 2-story, four bedroom, 3 and a half bathroom home built in 1926. It has extras like a sunroom, a library, and a breakfast room. It’s not an open concept, because it has very distinct, defined areas.

This home has a kitchen with tiles. The master bathroom has five pieces, but they’re the less luxurious five pieces she originally wanted. This home also includes a cottage with a full additional apartment setup.

Decision Time: House #2 married both of their styles the best. However, neither seemed completely in love with it. House #1 was very charming, but might have been a little too outdated from Karla and Ted. House #3 was located far from their target area of Saint Petersburg, but it had a lot of wonderful extra features.

House Hunters Recap: From Colorado Snow to Florida Sand-4

Ted and Karla picked…House #3

They ended up paying $274,500 for it instead of $300,000. In three days, Karla and Ted have already repainted the entire place.


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