House Hunters Recap: 59 Listings in Chicago

House Hunters Recap: 59 Listings in ChicagoRyan and Stephanie met online and have been dating ever since. She works as a admissions rep for the University of Missouri in Chicago, and he’s a financial professional. They currently live apart: Stephanie lives in high-rise and Ryan lives in a garden apartment unit in Lakeview. Ryan will be purchasing the home for both of them. He has a budget of $600,000.

Ryan has been driving his poor real estate agent, Cindi, crazy with his pickiness. He’s already seen 56 homes. This House Hunters tour will take him to just under 60…if he decides to buy one of these.

Wish Lists

Stephanie and Ryan both want a huge master closet.

His: Ryan wants a top floor home, penthouse style. He wants a vntage style with an ornate staircase. Ryan also wants an updated kitchen with dark cabinets, and a large master bathroom. Ryan concludes his wish list with a rootop deck.

Hers: Stephanie wants a more contemporary home with an elevator, parking garage, a separate dining space, and a home office. She would also prefer a white kitchen.

House #1, $550,000

House Hunters Recap: 59 Listings in Chicago-1

This home is located in East Lakeview. It was built in 1922 but been updated, so it has vintage and contemporary features. This home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, 2000 sq ft, and a dramatic staircase. It has an HOA of $489 a month. It is located at the top level, so Stephanie and Ryan get a workout climbing all those stairs.

This home lacks outdoor space, much closet space, and a master bathroom. It does, however, have a office space, a separate dining space, and a light updated kitchen. It really has a naturally homey vibe.

House #2, $735,000

House Hunters Recap: 59 Listings in Chicago-2

This home is located in Lakeview. It’s a penthouse style, so located on top floor and with no elevators. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms with 1700 sq ft. It has high ceilings and a contemporary, vintage marriage. It’s a very light and open home because of the large windows and bright color scheme. The kitchen marries dark and light by using both tones throughout.

This home has a staircase but Ryan doesn’t think they’re grand enough. The master bedroom is small with limited storage and closet space, but the master bathroom is divine. It has a steam shower and heated floors. It also has a balcony and a private rooftop. It has an HOA of $110 a month.

House #3, $565,000

House Hunters Recap: 59 Listings in Chicago-3

This home is located in the West Loop. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s a high-rise, so more of Stephanie’s style. The HOA is an additional $554 a month, which gives them access to a community rooftop, courtyard and a pond.

The home is very contemporary and open. It uses a lot of natural woods and bright colors. The kitchen is semi-updated but falling apart.

Decision Time: House #3 just was too much away from Ryan’s wish list. House #2 was ideal for both Stephanie and Ryan, but seemed too over budget. House #1 seemed a little too old school for Stephanie.

House Hunters Recap: 59 Listings in Chicago-4

Ryan picked…House #2.

He ended up paying $715,000 instead of the $735,000 asking price.


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