Home Town Season 2 Recap: Episode 6 – Move It or Lost It?

Home Town Season 2 Recap: Episode 6 - Move It or Lost It?

Last night on Home Town season 2, Robyn and Cassidy were looking to move Robyn’s great-grandmother’s home to a new plot of land and then renovate it. They want to move into the house eventually, but the land that the house sits on currently has been purchased. It is a two bedroom, two bathroom house and it’s 1800 square feet and it was built in 1938. It is really run down and needs a lot of work, another question is, can it actually be moved without it falling apart. Their budget is $100,000 and it would cost $15,000 to move it so that leaves when with $85,000 for renovations.

Erin and Ben have the idea of showing them another and possibly safer option for them and their five year old daughter, Holly. They are calling it the Key House and it’s a three bedroom, one bath and 1300 square foot house. It’s going to cost them$60,000, but that leaves $40,000 for the renovation. It’s in much better shape and doesn’t need to be moved either. There are a lot of things inside this house that can be refinished and used which will save them a lot of money. They are really considering this idea.

After thinking about their options, they have decided that they are going to give their great-grandmother’s house a chance. Ben is worried that once it lands in it’s new lot that the walls and floors might shift too much. When they start to move it, the chimney starts to fall out of the bottom of the house, Ben has realized that this might be a waste of $15,000 if he lets this crew move this house. He lets them do it anyways and luckily it doesn’t have to go far. This is what the house looked like before!

Gallery: Before the Home Town Renovations

When the house is let down, they find some damage. The fireplace (obviously), a couple cracked walls and one window that has to be replaced. With that being said, they are over budget $4000, but they should be able to save money in other places. They open up some of the rooms inside and decide to keep the shiplap walls up in some of the rooms, but sheet rock others. The dining room is one of the rooms they decide to keep the shiplap in, but it has to be patched up so they use some of the wood from the other rooms that they decided to sheet rock.

The house is really coming along quickly and it is starting to look pretty amazing. The cabinets in the kitchen have come in and are being installed. Meanwhile, Cassidy calls Ben and asks him for a favor. Robyn has really wanted a big dining room table, but he needs Ben’s help. He has the materials and has been look through some lumber he has collected over the years. Ben tells him that he will help him out with it and asks him to help him build it. He brings Cassidy and all the lumber back to his workshop and they get started on building Robyn a beautiful dining room table.

Erin and her friend are consignment shopping for girl clothes to use for a wall decoration in Holly’s room. They are using dresses with pretty colors and prints and using embroidery hoops to make little decorations. Back at the house, Ben finds that the porch is in worst shape than he thought and they are going to have to rebuild the whole thing. Rebuilding this porch is going to set them back with their timetable and their budget, but it has to be done.

Erin and a couple of the guys are putting together a built-in bed for Holly’s room, which was the old kitchen. It’s got shelves and drawers, it is beautiful! Back at Ben’s workshop, he is using some wrought iron bench legs that he plans on building a bench out of it. He is using materials from their current house and their new house to build it so it’s a little bit of both family histories in it.

They put in a gravel walkway out front and then move back into the house for painting the kitchen floor and doing some final touches and it’s time for Cassidy, Robyn and Holly to come and take a look at their new home! Here is what Robyn’s great-grandmother’s house looked like after Ben and Erin renovated it!

Gallery: After the Home Town Renovations

What do you think of this transformation? I can’t believe this is the same house! Not only were they able to keep a family heirloom, but they stayed within their budget. That dining room table that Cassidy and Ben built looks amazing too! Let me know what you think in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!