Good Bones Recap: Season 3 Episode 11 – A Stately Home Full of Slithering Surprises

Good Bones Recap Season 3 Episode 11 - A Stately Home Full of Slithering Surprises

Last night on Good Bones season 3, Mina, Karen, and their friend Josh all team up on a property in Fountain Square, but they find that the house is infested with guests of the slithering type. The house is a 1600 square foot house with three bedrooms and one bathroom. The house was purchased for $150,000 which is more than Mina and Karen have ever spent on a house. Here is what the house looked like before they started the renovation!

Gallery: ‘Before’ the Good Bones Renovation

While doing the walkthrough they realize that the house is in really rough shape. There is a ton of water damage and the basement walls look like they are going to collapse. Not to mention, there is a snake house in one of the rooms and while doing the walkthrough they find live snakes everywhere.

When they go upstairs to check out the bedrooms, they find three really small rooms. What they end up deciding on is putting two bedrooms where they currently exist and then use the attic space, which is over the kitchen, for the master bedroom. They have also realized that this house only has one bathroom and it’s currently off the kitchen. They expanded the kitchen and adding space to the attic area for the master bedroom. Which meant they needed to relocate the guest bathroom and master bathroom upstairs where the bedrooms are.

They had to fix the foundation, open up the first floor because it looks completely boxed in as it stands and they have to have someone come in and remove all the snakes. This whole project was pretty scary for them because of the cost. The house cost $150,000 and Mina thinks $175,000 is probably going to be the reno cost. She thinks that when the house is finished they can sell the house for around $500,000.

The other scary factor to this house is all the snakes popping out of random places. Mina found one in a jewelry box that she was looking through. After finding more, they had a critter company come in and search the house for all the snakes and then find them all homes. Because of the permitting nightmare, they decided not to do the big two-story addition for the kitchen and master bedroom.

The foundation problem was a lot worse than they thought it was. They had someone working on it and it started to rain. All of a sudden the soil pushing on the foundation started to cause a cave in. The entire wall was gone and they had to rebuild the entire foundation which cost about $20,000.

There were some really cool repurposing projects in this house. They had to redo some of the floor joists throughout the house and used the old ones to make counters for the storage cabinets in the living room. They found an old piano in the house which they gutted and made into a bar. I always love when they re-use things to make other things, it adds to the creativity and character of the house. They also built a wine closet and put the piano bar right across from it.

Considering the big issue they had with the foundation and the minor snake infestation, the project went pretty smoothly. The only issues they had was when they were trying to clean up the piano and they put new wheels on it. When they stood it up and took all the breaks off on the wheels, Karen went to move the piano slightly and it fell over on her. Tad was there to catch it and neither of them was seriously injured.

They got the furniture in and Karen had Beth, a local painter, paint something for the house. It’s a snake and they put it over where the piano was going. They didn’t want to add any more weight to the piano, so they added the counter to it after it was put into the house. While they were staging the house, Josh came in to see the house and was completely blown away by the way everything was coming out. Here is what the house looked like when they were finished!

Gallery: ‘After’ the Good Bones Renovation

The house was purchased for $150,000, after the issues with the foundation, the renovation cost got up to $200,000 which put them all in at $350,000. They listed the house at $490,000 and hoped to make about $130,000 in profits after the closing costs. What did you think of this episode of Good Bones? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!