Flip Or Flop Vegas Premiere On HGTV

The Flip Or Flop Vegas premiere arrives on HGTV tonight with the first episode of the Flip Or Flop spinoffs featuring Aubrey and Bristol Marunde.

Flip Or Flop Vegas on HGTV

In the series debut, airing Thursday, April 6th at 9/8c, we’ll find the pair, set in Las Vegas obviously, buying a starter home and raising it to the level of “glam-farmhouse.” Wait, are we talking shiplap here? My goodness.

HGTV calls the first “Flip Or Flop Vegas” episode “Cottage Glam” with the notation of being the third episode in the first season. Here’s their description of tonight’s premiere:

Aubrey and Bristol purchase a starter home in Las Vegas, and while it may be a small house, buyers expect the best in this town. Aubrey uses custom finishes built by Bristol to deck out the home and give it a glam-farmhouse style.

I’m serious, if someone starts talking shiplap I’m gonna, I’m gonna, well I’m probably just going to keep watching, but you know what I mean. Plus, I’m curious to see how a farmhouse style home fits the vibe of a Vegas setting. Should be interesting.

I’m definitely looking forward to tonight’s debut at 9PM ET/PT to see how Bristol and Aubrey stand up to the bar set by the original. Flip Or Flop, the original, is a fun and light series that tends to focus on the dramatics more than the design. And that’s fine by me. Will “Vegas” take that same approach? We’re set to find out.

If you miss tonight’s premiere of Flip Or Flop Vegas then you can catch it again at midnight ET/PT tonight and again on Saturday morning at 10:30 AM ET/PT. Set your DVRs and we’ll watch it together!


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