Flip Or Flop Vegas Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: From Bank Owned to Industrial Vegas Glam

Flip or Flop Vegas Season 2 Episode 2 From Brank Owned to Industrial Vegas Glam 1

Aubrey and Bristol are back again for a new season of Flip or Flop Vegas. This week, Aubrey takes Bristol back to the same location as their first home renovation. She points out that this place is a little bigger than the one they bought ten years ago. Aubrey is excited because it has three floors, three bedrooms, and four bathrooms. Four freaking bathrooms!

Before entering, the duo hope and pray that it’s not in terrible condition. They groan the minute they see all the trash and stairs. Aubrey quickly decides that some of the stairs need to go. She wants to give the house a modern industrial look, which means knocking down some of the walls and railing.

Once they arrive at the bathrooms, Aubrey predicts that it’ll cost them about $2,800 to remodel them. The couple find themselves surprised by how well the master bedroom stands up compared to the rest of the house. Aubrey doesn’t think they’ll have to pay more than $800 to make it more presentable.

In total, the bank is asking for $229,000, but Bristol and Aubrey want to counter that price with $225,000. After presenting their offer, the bank counters with $227,000; they take it. Aubrey wants to only spend around $25,000 and then sell it for $285,000, which gives them about a $25,000 profit.

Flip or Flop Vegas Season 2 Episode 2 From Brank Owned to Industrial Vegas Glam 2

It takes around 30 days for the house to be completed. They encounter one major issue during the renovations: one of the bathrooms has a lot of water damage. This forces them to change the remodeling plans a bit, but nothing too extreme. Aubrey and Bristol disagree some about the color choices.

Aubrey wants to paint the living room with this pea green paint. Bristol doesn’t think it’ll look great, but changes his mind once it’s all done. After seeing the final reveal, Bristol was right. The color scheme is just too dark and not as inviting. The stairs are very cool and modern, which is one of the highlights. They look almost like sculpture installations at an art gallery.

Aubrey does a great job of staging, because the modern artwork is a major plus: It almost makes the pea green appealing. The bottom floor looks a little congested with the kitchen and dining room being so close together, and the living room not so far apart. It just needed a little more spacing and separation.

In the lower floor, the standout parts were: the playing card design on the wall and the pink throw pillows on the sofa. These were just little quirky choices that gave the room a little more fun and lightheartedness.

The upstairs looks much better. All the bathrooms look sleek and sophisticated–the color scheme works better here. The master bedroom is the best part because those little pops of color really pull it all together, especially paired with the geometric wallpaper.

In the end, Bristol and Aubrey sell the home, only a day after listing it. They go over budget by $1,100, but end up getting more than their asking price. It sells for $292,500: a profit of $32,700.

Flip or Flop Vegas Season 2 Episode 1 Before and After Gallery

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