Flip or Flop Nashville Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Biggest Little House In Nashville

This week on Flip or Flop Nashville, Page and DeRon have given themselves quite the challenge. They need to turn a very small and smelly 1950s home into a modern place someone will want to buy.

Despite its size it is a three bedroom, which is rare for its neighborhood, so even though the temptation is there to make it a two bedroom with larger rooms, Page really thinks they need to stay at three. So that means DeRon has to work a little magic, including a way to get the washer and dryer out of the kitchen.

But before they get to all that they need to buy the house. It is listed at $119,900. Page thinks they can put about $40,000 into the house and list it at $249,000. That would give them a $70,000 profit. But wait, they offered $110,000 in cash and the sellers accepted.

And so the demo begins. Right away, DeRon decides a way to make the small house seem larger would be to vault the ceilings in the kitchen. So that will add a little money to the project, but he’s pretty sure the payoff will be worth it.

No episode of any version of Flip or Flop wold be complete without an issue. And this week’s issue is asbestos. DeRon has a fear that the old siding on the house could contain asbestos. After getting it tested, it turns out he was correct. That means all work on the house has to halt. They literally have to put up warning tape and wait for the asbestos to be removed. So that sets them back some money and some time.

After the asbestos is handled, the renovation continues with very few problems.

It’s reveal time! First of all the outside work they did on the house might be the best I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t look like the same house. Heck, it doesn’t even look like the same planet. It is amazing.

And the inside is pretty fantastic as well. The living room somehow got larger (even though it didn’t) and is definitely brighter. And then there’s the kitchen. Opening up that ceiling made the room see huge. And the ctbintests, tile and finishes were incredible. I know I would be spending all of my time in that kitchen. Such a good job.

The bedrooms didn’t require a lot of work, but what was done improved them drastically. And the one and only bathroom was transformed from a dark, drab outdated room into a bright and airy modern bathroom. Oh, and DeRon managed to take a little space from one of the closest to build a nook for a stackable washer and dryer. Brilliant work all around from DeRon. Now if he could just work on his line reading a little.

After the open house, Page and LeRon received multiple offers on the house. They accepted one for the full asking price of $249,900, giving them a final profit of $69,900. That’s pretty good for such a small and fast flip.

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