Flip or Flop Nashville Premiere Recap: Breaking Brick

The latest installment of Flip or Flop premiered Thursday night as HGTV headed to Nashville. Flippers and exes Page and Deron officially introduced us to Flip or Flop Nashville.

It’s still early, so they’re clearly figuring out how to be TV stars, but first impressions of the show were mixed. Deron is a bit of a line-reader while Page is more natural at hosting. As a pair, however, it’s a little off. They lack chemistry, which I think is to be expected when people are actually exes. So I’m not sure why someone thought it would be a good idea to put them in a show together. It’s not an awful pairing, it’s just nice when the hosts have a passion for each other AND for flipping houses. But like I said, I expect that to all improve.

As for their first house of the season, it’s a rundown and dated ranch that Page has already bought for $170,000. Oh, and she did so without telling Deron. And she doesn’t plan on telling him until she can convince him it’s the right house for them to flip. She thinks if they put $40,000 into it they can make a $30,000 profit. Which doesn’t sound like much to me (spoiler alert: it doesn’t sound like much to Deron, either).

When they get to the house Deron immediately thinks it’s really dated and that it has no curb appeal. He’s definitely not exactly feeling the house. And it doesn’t get much better when they move onto the inside. He thinks the kitchen will require at least $12,000 despite the kitchen already being gutting. They continue the walkthrough and he’s still iffy on the house. He just doesn’t see the money in the house. And he doesn’t think the $30,000 profit potential is enough. Told you.

Just when Page was starting to sweat, Deron asks what the profit could be if they add another bedroom and bathroom by transforming the one-car garage. Page tells him they could definitely add an additional $30,000 to their potential profit (even though they’ll be taking away the garage). And he’s sold on the house. When they finally get on the same page, she breaks the news to him that she already bought the house. And I think it is becoming clear why they broke up.

And the demo starts. It doesn’t take long for the first problem to arise. The guys who were putting in french doors in the kitchen area kind of destroyed the brick around the door. And it really does look terrible. I mean, who does that? And another issues comes up when they realize the door company sent them the wrong sizes for the interior doors.

As the open house day gets closer the brick issue still hasn’t been fixed and they find out that the brick they need will take two weeks to arrive They decide they absolutely can’t push everything back two weeks. Since they’re going to paint the brick they decide they can just use something similar. Problem solved.

And the renovation is complete. The outside of the house looks 100 percent better. It went from outdated and drab to likely the best curb appeal on the block. On the inside, the living room, though still bit small, went from brown and dark to airy and light. And the new kitchen is amazing. The whites and greys and modern tiles really make it a showpiece room.

The bathrooms and bedrooms are also a huge improvement. As for that new master bedroom that used to be the garage… I’m just going to say it: The window in the bedroom looks awful that low. I understand that it used to be the garage door, but I hate it. That would actually keep me from making an offer on the house. But I’m not a potential buyer, so who cares what I think.

Deron and Page decide they can actually list he house at $279,900. That seemed a bit high for me, but they actually sold it at the asking price. So that means they made a profit of $69,900.

As I said earlier, the show is brand new, so they’ll grown into their hosting abilities. But they seem to really know their real estate and house flipping, so I think it’ll all work out fine.

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