Fixer Upper Season 5 Recap: How We Got Here!

Fixer Upper Season 5 Recap How We Got Here!

Last night on Fixer Upper season 5, we watched as Chip and Joanna Gaines looked back on their favorite renovations from the past five seasons. We got a look at a lot of the footage that isn’t shown on the show like going house hunting with the real estate agent and the bloopers from the past five seasons.

The first flashback we get is from when Chip and Jo were approached by the production company to do a sizzle reel which is a series of clips that are put together as a pitch to the network. They clearly had no idea what they were doing and it made for some pretty funny bloopers where Chip was tripping on his words and Jo couldn’t remember her lines.

We then get a look at their first Fixer Upper house. This turns into a reel of Chip’s funny faces over the seasons. I never realized how many faces Chip makes in just a single episode until now. After this, we get a look at the hectic life of Chip and Jo. Watching them run their business while filming a show and taking care of four kids definitely doesn’t seem easy.

We then go back to when Chip and Jo renovated Clint and Kelly Harp’s house. I love watching the episodes where they help out some of the people they work with all the time. Clint, Jimmy Don and others. Clint comes out while Chip and Jo are standing in front of his house. They chat about how they could have torn this house down, but instead, they renovated it and made it look amazing! Here is a look at the before and after of the exterior of Clint’s house:

The Exterior of Clint’s House – Before and After:

I have to say, the bloopers in this episode were pretty amazing. What I find even more amazing was getting a look at all the work that Jo puts into the design of the house. We then get a look at one of the houses from last season that looked like the house was inspired by looking at a giraffe. This turns into a reel of eclectic houses and designs. I will say, Chip has had a lot of random outtakes on camera and some of the things he says are absolutely ridiculous!

While taking their walk down memory lane, Chip and Jo realize that the majority of the houses they have renovated are ranch style homes. With ranch styled homes, they don’t tend to have front porches and one of the first things that Jo designs into the exterior of the house is a porch. It always amazes me when they are able to add a massive porch to a house that didn’t have one without it cutting into the design of the house too much.

Chip and Jo then tell us a story about when the production company pulled Chip aside and told him that the show wasn’t going to work. Chip tells us they basically told him that him and Jo were awful at the whole talking in complete sentences thing. After this pep-talk, Jo gets a surprise. Chip planned on moving him, Jo and the four kids into a houseboat while they renovate their house. Jo is freaking out because this houseboat is rough!

Speaking of rough, the Matsumoto house from season 4 where they turned a run down shack of a house into an amazing modern home. This house was literally sitting on blocks and Chip and Jo went in and turned it into a habitable home. We then get a look at some of the modern designs that they have done over the past five years. The iron railings on stairs, the concrete counter tops and the bright white walls are all really great touches in these homes.

When Chip surprised Jo with the houseboat, it was because they had just bought their farm house and needed to completely restore and renovate this house. Before they knew it, their clients were asking for the farmhouse touches in their houses from the barn doors, bulky beams and farm sinks.

We ended the episode off with Chip and Jo telling us how much fun it’s been watching their family grow into their house and how much fun they have had over the years with their clients. What is your favorite episode of Fixer Upper? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!


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