Fixer Upper Recap: Season 5 Episode 14 – All-American Farmhouse

Fixer Upper Recap Season 5 Episode 14 - All-American Farmhouse

Last night on Fixer Upper 2018, Chip and Joanna help TJ and Stephanie turn their house in Waco into a farmhouse. The house is small and built inside an existing barn. TJ and Stephanie have been together for 3 years and they met while TJ was recovering from an injury he sustained while serving in the military. He lost his leg after stepping on a pressure plate IED.

The house is a two bedroom, one bathroom house and it’s 980 square feet, but the barn on the outside offers 2100 square feet of additional space for expanding the house. Chip and Jo want to expand the kitchen into the existing bathroom and laundry room. They want to expand the master bedroom and add a master bathroom onto it. TJ needs a walk-in shower and a couple other things to happen inside the house because of his disability. Their renovation budget is $45,000 and this is what the house looked like before!

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When they get all the plans for TJ and Stephanie together, they find that the renovation is going to cost more like $100,000. Once word got out to the community that TJ was a Wounded Warrior, the community came together and donated a ton of material and because of all this, they can complete the renovation!

The plan for this house is to open up the kitchen into the existing bathroom and laundry room, turn the current master bedroom into the bathroom and laundry room and then expanding the house into the barn to make them a brand new master bedroom. After demolition, they find that there is a telephone pole inside the framework where Jo was planning on building the kitchen. Chip has some work to do.

Meanwhile, Joanna meets with TJ and Stephanie to go over the design plans. They are completely blown away by what Joanna and Chip are going to turn their home into. TJ and Chip take some time to go to the cattle auction because TJ really wanted to get some animals for his new farm. Chip talks him into letting him buy him a cow for a housewarming gift. TJ brings home a beautiful cow and baby calf.

During their talks about the design with Jo, TJ and Stephanie were asked if there was a quote that they liked. They told her that they always say “I will love you every step of the way” and Jo plans on putting this into their bathroom tile. She later changes her mind and decides to get a sign for the bathroom from Jimmy Don. She then goes to see Clint and asks him to make a new porch swing and cornhole set for their porch.

They are having some solar panels put in to help with the cost for their energy and we get a look at a bunch of volunteers helping put the house together. It really was an amazing thing to see an entire community come together for a Wounded Warrior that way. Little later on, Clint’s guys drop off the porch swing and Chip hangs it.

We then get a look at Chip and the girls getting a visit from their vet who is checking on one of their horses. They are getting confirmation that she is pregnant and the baby horse is going to be a girl. Ella is super excited about this because the baby horse is going to be hers. Back at TJ and Stephanie’s, Jo needs Chip to screen in the porch so that they can make it a nice place to hang out and entertain. They are going to put in a big fan.

The inside of the house is done and it is now time for Jo to move all the furniture and decor in. It really looks amazing. Clint comes with the cornhole set that he made for them. He has a friend that does engraving and had them engraved with the US Marines insignia and on the underside of one of them is a thank you note for TJ.

It is now time for the big reveal! Are you ready to see what it looks like now? Here it is:

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After the reveal, TJ got down on one knee and asked Stephanie to marry him and she said “yes!” Let me know what you think of this transformation in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!


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