Fixer Upper Recap: Season 4 Episode 8 – The Beechum’s New Home!


Fixer Upper Recap Season 4 Episode 8 - The Beechum's New Home!

This episode of Fixer Upper season 4 brings us the Beechum’s and they are empty nesters who have four children that come to visit all times of the year. They are looking for a new home that is big enough for them to have all their children and grandchildren over. The first home was nice, but there were only two bedrooms and they were looking for at least four. Other than that, it was a nice sized house and they seemed pretty interested.

The second house, was really worn down and even though they only wanted $30,000 and they had an all in budget of $160,000, they didn’t even want to look inside. The third house was the biggest of the three and it had all the elements that the Beechum’s wanted, the only problem is, the house costs $130,000 which only allows for $30,000 for renovations. They decided they wanted this house anyways though and they tell them to put in an offer for them. Here is what the house looked like before!

Gallery: ‘Before’ Fixer Upper Photos

While Joanna and Chip are working the design, they get a call from Culetta and Kelvin’s son, Kelvin Beechum Jr., who is a linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He tells Joanna that he wants to see the design for the house and make sure that his parents get everything they want in this house. He even gives them another $100,000 to go towards the renovations!

They plan on opening up the dining room and kitchen and taking down some of the paneling to brighten it up. They are putting in new flooring in the living room and just fixing up the landscaping in the front. With the extra money from Kelvin Jr, they are going to paint the outside of the house, painting the brick for the fireplace to brighten it up. They also added a porch onto the house because that was something that Culetta said she really loved about the first house they looked at.

They are going to be adding some other finishing touches that the Beechum’s aren’t expecting because the money from their son is a surprise. Right before the big reveal, Joanna and Chip told them about Kelvin Jr helping with their renovation budget and Culetta was in tears. The house came out amazing! Here are the after photos!

Gallery: ‘After’ Fixer Upper Photos

I can’t believe how amazing this house came out! Let me know what you think in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!